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The Process

Coaching for Business Leaders and their Trusted Employees
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Using data to figure out where you are and what is important to you gets things real. Let’s start by getting to the guts of you and so we can figure things out. There are eye opening moments when we look in the mirror and we have others help us see what we might be blind to. Assessing provides clarity to find the start.

Go to Set A Starting Point

Set A Starting Point

When we can both agree on a start and have a goal for the destination then we are ready to begin. Diving into what you really want is often harder than we thing (otherwise you would have already done it). Having a coach provides accountability to your end point.

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Possibility & Capacity

When you are on track there is endless possibility, you want the destination and you find a way. When you need accountability your coach is there. Checking those goals off your list gives you more capacity to add even more to your business and yourself.

Why coaching

Top Athletes, Academics and Business Professionals seek a coach to drive their thinking and accountability.
Coaching tickles new thoughts and ideas in the mind in a way one is not able to on their own.

We can't tickle ourselves; our brains won't allow the surprise or stimulation from our known actions. In the same way we aren't able to think differently than what we know and have experienced. To move ahead the best in sports, in academics and in life find a coach.

I work with business leaders who are working in the heart of their business. I fill the void of mid level management that is not yet established. I work with functioning key employees to unlock their potential to do their best and move the business forward.

Coaching builds capacity for the business leader. They are able to move their business forward by investing in their trusted employees. Employees are able to develop their mindset around the business and find greater fulfillment.

  • Our objective is to help you do more in your business.

  • Managing and developing trusted high performers.

  • We're here to get measurable results (and feel good too)

  • 60% say it is loving what you're doing

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