What is your blog about?

What is your blog about?  That is such a simple question and yet when I was asked I didn’t have that 60 second elevator speech down pat.  I know what I’ve been noodling and thinking.  I find often I’m poor at expressing my thoughts orderly so that they are coherent for others.  I know I[…]


New Game – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water Balloon and Fire

New Game – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water Balloon While my daughter Julie and I were out at Olive Garden the other night we invented a new game.  Amazingly this game requires no device beyond your hands, no batteries or display screen.  You’ve heard of Rock, Paper, and Scissors the game you play with your hands. […]


Are you looking for reasons to begin your dream?

Ever since I saw the movie Julie & Julia and the character Julie created a blog in night and just started writing, holding herself accountable to her dream to cook and blog I wanted to have a blog.  Funny thing is that blogs are free but it’s taken me over 2 years to have the[…]