Leap Day – What Don’t You Have Time For?

The way I understand it Leap Day should be ours to do with anything we want with.  Leap day is the adjustment to the calendar for the 6 hours each year that we don’t have a way to assign to a day.  Every four years we put those 6 hours together and call it February[…]


Myth Buster: No One is Vacationing in this Economy

I took with about 2,500 other vacationers on a Disney cruise. People are out there vacationing in mass. It was not a spontaneous activity, planning and saving took place.  It was a dream that became a reality through dedication and sacrifice. I didn’t think I would be alone on the boat nor did I expect[…]

Clean Eating vs M’s Pub – What Are Your Objectives

I have made it three weeks now on my journey to ‘eat clean’.  I’ve avoided processed food, caffeine, dairy product and meat.  On Tuesday night I went out to M’s pub and had to make decisions about my journey.  I could have stuck to eating clean much more than I did.  I also could have[…]