On the Road Again; My 22 Hour Day

I get to travel for work.  I say that I get to because really, not everyone does.  Some of our newer and younger employees talk about their first time to travel for the company and it’s a privileged discussion and so I will continue to revere the opportunity to represent myself and my location in Read more about On the Road Again; My 22 Hour Day[…]

Celebrate Aging: Today My Grandma Turned 98

Today my Grandma Mary Louise (who I share a middle name with) turned 98 years old.  1914 was the year of her birth making her part of the traditionalist generation..  WWI was in play; she lived through the depression, prohibition, WWII, and several other wars and conflicts.  She raised 12 children.  She saw the introduction Read more about Celebrate Aging: Today My Grandma Turned 98[…]

How Convicted Are You To Your Passion?

When I was young there was nothing that could stop my conviction.  I was the type of child that tried to organized adults, who gave away opinions for free and would do a buy one get one for free option with the free one, and found that anything I thought about and wanted to do Read more about How Convicted Are You To Your Passion?[…]

Forgiveness is a healthy activity

We have a happiness engineer at my company.  Yep, Regina Getz-Kikuchi holds this title in our office and everything I’ve seen from her tells me she owns it.  Our company is a better place because of her and because the leadership knows how to value what she offers and invests and supports her in her Read more about Forgiveness is a healthy activity[…]

Major Life Changes: A New Job

Today I chose 5 people.   I hopefully made 5 people’s wishes come true, I made them feel selected and validated, I put my trust in them.  I believe these folks presented themselves honestly, that their intent was true and that they will excel in the job I provide.  They put their trust in our Read more about Major Life Changes: A New Job[…]