Biking – One Never Forgets How to Ride

I’ve met a biking enthusiast.  This would be the enthusiast type of a two-wheel kind without a motor.  I wanted to know someone who had a passion that had history and a future.  Biking was something I did as a kid. When I was 16 I gave up my two wheels for four and never Read more about Biking – One Never Forgets How to Ride[…]

Ghostbusters is a Timeless Comedy

I watched Ghostbusters last night and I may have laughed more watching it this time then when I first saw it n 1984.  I was able to say those classic lines with my favorite characters and while watching a movie that is nearly 30 years old I realized it was quite timeless. Things like clothing, Read more about Ghostbusters is a Timeless Comedy[…]

I Met Annie Lalla This Week!

I work at an amazing company and truly cherish the work I do there.  I’m excited about the future and I enjoy going to work.  It sounds kookie but it’s true.  I’ve worked enough places and for long enough to recognize a good thing when I’ve got it.  My most recent visit to California at Read more about I Met Annie Lalla This Week![…]