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Summer Feet Pedal the Coast Day 7 – Arcadia

Saturday was the last day of our tour.  I realize that if you’ve been reading we’ve skipped a few days but for now the end returns me back to the beginning.  The ride has progressed to Bar Harbor Maine located mid-coast and adjacent with Arcadia National Park.  The route for today was the Park Loop[…]

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Summer Feet: Pedal the Coast Day 2

My butt was ready for the seat today, my mind felt obligated to follow.  Today’s route was a 63 mile course with a few jaunts out to destinations that could be optional.  I knew we were backing out from the inn 10 miles that we road to get in, mentally ready.  Today it was 80[…]

Summer Feet Cycling

Summer Feet: Pedal the Coast Day 1

I’m riding a dream that I’ve had for a few years, pedaling the coast of Maine on my bike.  We selected Summer Feet bike tours and opted for the Pedal the Coast tour with Inn service.  Day one was an introduction to the terrain of the Maine coastline ending at Bradley Inn in Pemaquid Point,[…]