Phantom Tollbooth

Are Children’s Books Just for Kids?

I finished reading the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This book never made it to my collection as a child and it easily could have. The original publication date was nearly 55 years go and the message is still there waiting to be read by people of all ages. Do you have a favorite go-to[…]

Robot vs Human

I Failed My Employee as a Human

I am a solid manager and a caring human. My lesson is about how you can be a fantastic boss following the best practices and fail those who work for you. My employee is a wonderful person who came to work for me at the company. Let’s review that statement. She came to work for[…]

out of office

How to Navigate the Service Industry’s #1 Problem

You hired the right people, your scheduled is optimized, the supplies are all stocked, the day is running ideally with the exception of the staff members that have either called in sick or have not shown up for their shift. Unplanned absenteeism is a plague for any manager who works in the service industry.   When I[…]