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5 Ways You Define Your Favorite Things

What are your favorite things? You know them straight off. They are a part of you. A favorite has personal meaning to you. You would argue for your favorite thing’s validity. A favorite can be tangible or an experience. I have favorite both memories, favorite experiences and a favorite cutting board in the kitchen. Favorite[…]


8 Reasons You Should be Connecting Instead of Networking

I enjoy meeting people. Talk to me on a plane and I don’t mind a bit, really. Take me to a networking event like a cocktail party, a meet and greet, or a convention and I’m counting the minutes until I get to leave. I leave with fewer business cards than I came with and[…]

Once upon a time

8 Magical Interview Experiences Worth Sharing

Great experiences make up the stories of our lives. When you have a great job interview it really merits retelling. Looking for a job is a stressful experience for so many that hearing a hopeful and positive message can put faith back in the process. Below I share 8 of my personal experiences conducting interviews.[…]