Get to know you survey

Welcome to all the new users on There has been such an interest that I'm interested.I'd love to know ...
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5 Ways You Define Your Favorite Things

What are your favorite things? You know them straight off. They are a part of you. A favorite has personal ...
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Overwhelmed? Here’s the top fix.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, get one small step closer ...
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8 Reasons You Should be Connecting Instead of Networking

I enjoy meeting people. Talk to me on a plane and I don't mind a bit, really. Take me to ...
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Once upon a time

8 Magical Interview Experiences Worth Sharing

Great experiences make up the stories of our lives. When you have a great job interview it really merits retelling ...
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Why Your Company’s Hiring Experience Needs to Be Magical

Making your hiring experience magical is one sure fire way to get your company to the next level. If you ...
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Inforgraphic Highly Engaged Employee

Drive Engagement in Your Employees

Hint, the top three reasons for high engagement involve a person. Source: Employee-Engagement-report-2015 ...
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new job

29 Important Thoughts for Your First Day of a New Job

Congratulations on your new job. They picked you! You searched for the role, filled out all the forms, showed up ...
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10 Things that Require zero talent

MythBuster: 10 Things That Require Zero Talent

I've come across this meme or photo so often on social media that today I took pause. I read this ...
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Trusted Employee Acts

5 Ways Trusted Employees Act

I was a trusted employee when I was 18 years old. I opened at fast food restaurant where I worked ...
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Phantom Tollbooth

Are Children’s Books Just for Kids?

I finished reading the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This book never made it to my collection as a child ...
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Robot vs Human

I Failed My Employee as a Human

I am a solid manager and a caring human. My lesson is about how you can be a fantastic boss ...
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out of office

How to Navigate the Service Industry’s #1 Problem

You hired the right people, your scheduled is optimized, the supplies are all stocked, the day is running ideally with ...
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Cadillac Summit Pose

Summer Feet Pedal the Coast Day 7 – Arcadia

Saturday was the last day of our tour.  I realize that if you’ve been reading we’ve skipped a few days ...
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Rear View Mirror Support

Summer Feet: Pedal the Coast Day 2

My butt was ready for the seat today, my mind felt obligated to follow.  Today's route was a 63 mile ...
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