Trump's You're Fired

10 Lessons Learned from Getting Fired

I was commenting to a current coworker on how I ended up in my current position and it really was a result of being let go from my former job.   You can be let go, released, terminated, down sized, right sized, laid off but in the end I was fired.  Sadly for me it was[…]

DALMAC D3 team - David - Sam - Alex

DALMAC Day 2 – the 85 mile uphill grind

I’m recovering from my legs going round and round for 5 days.  My hips and shoulders are adjusting back to my nice soft bed after sleeping on the ground for 5 nights.  It was day 2 on the DALMAC ride that made a tour rider out of me.  I set my personal distance record on[…]

DALMAC day one map

First Biking Tour – Initial Impressions Shared

I just returned from a biking tour called DALMAC in Michigan.  This was my first tour which lasted for 5 days and was with 8 friends.  I have a personality that prepares and studies for everything.  This time I deferred to my friend who is a veteran of bike rides like this.  Overall I learned[…]

Do We Need Air Conditioning?

I’m sitting in my basement and I plan to sleep in the spare bedroom that is down here tonight.  It’s 86 degrees outside with no breeze.  I’ve only tuned on my air conditioning once this year.  It’s an okay unit but for some reason it shorts the breaker out and then the fan just runs. […]


Most Wow-ed Airline Customer Service Experience

I recently returned via airline travel from CA.  The time adjustment when traveling West is really hard for me.  When I arrive I can not fall asleep, I’m wired.  I’m the type of person who can fall asleep 300 seconds after my head hits the pillow so this is not normal for me.  My trips[…]