Ghostbusters is a Timeless Comedy

I watched Ghostbusters last night and I may have laughed more watching it this time then when I first saw it n 1984.  I was able to say those classic lines with my favorite characters and while watching a movie that is nearly 30 years old I realized it was quite timeless. Things like clothing, Read more about Ghostbusters is a Timeless Comedy[…]

I Met Annie Lalla This Week!

I work at an amazing company and truly cherish the work I do there.  I’m excited about the future and I enjoy going to work.  It sounds kookie but it’s true.  I’ve worked enough places and for long enough to recognize a good thing when I’ve got it.  My most recent visit to California at Read more about I Met Annie Lalla This Week![…]

The Power of Massage Therapy

Okay, you’ve either had or not had a massage.  I’m talking about a therapeutic massage from a trained professional.  A massage is not a back rub.  A massage is a treatment for your muscles.  I believe if done correctly that it could be as treatment for the soul.   For those who have not let me Read more about The Power of Massage Therapy[…]

Aging with Grace: Hands Across the Generations

I’ve heard that in the absence of disease the organ that would wear out first is our skin.  On the outside if we compare each other or try to guess someone’s age it is a person’s skin that provides the most clues to an accurate guess.  Our skin is the largest organ in the body Read more about Aging with Grace: Hands Across the Generations[…]

Telling and Hearing Bad News is as Important as Good News

The other day I had to make a choice on a piece of communication.  I’ve written about the job of hiring someone and changing their life.  I had to deliver the news that a candidate was not going to receive an offer from our company.  I had several options in front of me; I could Read more about Telling and Hearing Bad News is as Important as Good News[…]