Have You Walked Lately? You Should.

I understand that walking is the best exercise.  I’ve come to realize that it’s so much more than exercise.  I’ve practiced things I needed to say to people the next day at work.  I’ve practiced breathing at a regular pace.  I’ve cried sometimes and gotten over it on just one walk. Walking for me is[…]

Celebrate Aging: Today My Grandma Turned 98

Today my Grandma Mary Louise (who I share a middle name with) turned 98 years old.  1914 was the year of her birth making her part of the traditionalist generation..  WWI was in play; she lived through the depression, prohibition, WWII, and several other wars and conflicts.  She raised 12 children.  She saw the introduction[…]

How Convicted Are You To Your Passion?

When I was young there was nothing that could stop my conviction.  I was the type of child that tried to organized adults, who gave away opinions for free and would do a buy one get one for free option with the free one, and found that anything I thought about and wanted to do[…]

Leap Day – What Don’t You Have Time For?

The way I understand it Leap Day should be ours to do with anything we want with.  Leap day is the adjustment to the calendar for the 6 hours each year that we don’t have a way to assign to a day.  Every four years we put those 6 hours together and call it February[…]

Clean Eating vs M’s Pub – What Are Your Objectives

I have made it three weeks now on my journey to ‘eat clean’.  I’ve avoided processed food, caffeine, dairy product and meat.  On Tuesday night I went out to M’s pub and had to make decisions about my journey.  I could have stuck to eating clean much more than I did.  I also could have[…]