5 Ways You Define Your Favorite Things

What are your favorite things? You know them straight off. They are a part of you. A favorite has personal meaning to you. You would argue for your favorite thing’s validity. A favorite can be tangible or an experience. I have favorite both memories, favorite experiences and a favorite cutting board in the kitchen. Favorite[…]


Why Your Company’s Hiring Experience Needs to Be Magical

Making your hiring experience magical is one sure fire way to get your company to the next level. If you think your processes are good and want to be great, start with upping your hiring game. The one department that sets the tone for culture is your hiring and HR team. Magical hiring is not[…]

10 Things that Require zero talent

MythBuster: 10 Things That Require Zero Talent

I’ve come across this meme or photo so often on social media that today I took pause. I read this and it sounds good; is it really true? Why do I see so many people┬ástruggle to achieve some of the 10 points that the talent-less should be able to master? Do you have all these[…]

Trusted Employee Acts

5 Ways Trusted Employees Act

I was a trusted employee when I was 18 years old. I opened at fast food restaurant where I worked. There wasn’t a breakfast shift so my arrival got everything ready to open for lunch. I was the only one scheduled and I started work at 6:00am. Hindsight that statement alone that could make me[…]

Phantom Tollbooth

Are Children’s Books Just for Kids?

I finished reading the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This book never made it to my collection as a child and it easily could have. The original publication date was nearly 55 years go and the message is still there waiting to be read by people of all ages. Do you have a favorite go-to[…]