5 Ways Trusted Employees Act

I was a trusted employee when I was 18 years old. I opened at fast food restaurant where I worked. There wasn’t a breakfast shift so my arrival got everything ready to open for lunch. I was the only one scheduled and I started work at 6:00am. Hindsight that statement alone that could make me Read more about 5 Ways Trusted Employees Act[…]

How to Navigate the Service Industry’s #1 Problem

You hired the right people, your scheduled is optimized, the supplies are all stocked, the day is running ideally with the exception of the staff members that have either called in sick or have not shown up for their shift. Unplanned absenteeism is a plague for any manager who works in the service industry.   When I Read more about How to Navigate the Service Industry’s #1 Problem[…]

Lean In – Don’t leave before you leave

I’m a Sheryl Sandberg fan although I haven’t met her and don’t know her personally.  I’ve listened to her TED talk with enthusiasm.  As a woman I appreciate how she’s advanced women in the tech field specifically (wow, Google and Facebook, nice work Sheryl).  Her new book Lean In which was spawned by her TED Read more about Lean In – Don’t leave before you leave[…]

The AARP experience before age 50

Hindsight I realize that I was lucky to become a card carrying AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) at age 37.  AARP is nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives.  My former spouse was older than I was so I was a member by marriage.  Each month we Read more about The AARP experience before age 50[…]

2012: My first year on Facebook

My life is different in 2013 as I have been a part of the social network Facebook for all of 2012.  I told my daughter years back I was abstaining from Facebook as it would steal your soul if you joined. My soul is in tact, but I will still leave the option open that Read more about 2012: My first year on Facebook[…]