Are Children’s Books Just for Kids?

I finished reading the Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This book never made it to my collection as a child and it easily could have. The original publication date was nearly 55 years go and the message is still there waiting to be read by people of all ages.

Do you have a favorite go-to book? It’s the one where you need motivation or grounding and reading again will put you back on track. I do, but more on that in another post. I wanted to learn more about my kids so I asked my oldest for her favorite childhood go-to book. I wanted to see what helped her get grounded or motivated. What is it that I could be missing that my daughter had to share?

Phantom Tollbooth

I am a new friend of Milo, the young man and main character. I related to Milo because I too had troubles wanting to study things in school that didn’t seem relevant to life. He took me via his mysterious tollbooth to the Land of Conclusion (we went by jumping of course) among other places. I’m left in awe of our language the meanings we attach to phrases we use commonly every day. As much as this book was fantasy, I longed to rescue the princesses Rhyme and Reason and return them to Wisdom.

I know my heart needs to be open to new things and new ways. I will always be a student of life and the lessons I carry with me are my treasures to share with those I meet.

The book surprised me, it made me think and it held my attention.

The book has clever wit in the writing that reminds me of seeing a Pixar movie and realizing the amount of inside jokes that were added for my entertainment. As an adult reading it for the first time I wonder if all the effort was really appreciated when my daughter read it as a child.

I enjoyed the Phantom Tollbooth and now have another connection with my daughter. Enjoy a kid’s book once in a while, they are not just for kids. Your perspective will change. You may find motivation and grounding to get you back on track.