Do We Need Air Conditioning?

I’m sitting in my basement and I plan to sleep in the spare bedroom that is down here tonight.  It’s 86 degrees outside with no breeze.  I’ve only tuned on my air conditioning once this year.  It’s an okay unit but for some reason it shorts the breaker out and then the fan just runs.  I need to get it looked at.  I still just don’t see the need to have it on yet when it’s only night that it’s uncomfortable.

Air conditioning has been around for 100 years.  The ability to cool was invented back in the 1800s.  I know movie theaters made it popular.  Medical needs were the drivers for the invention.  I have no medical reason to need to be cooled and maybe that is a reason I’m not reaching for the switch.

All the ceiling fans are going in my house and it’s a comfortable 79.  There isn’t much humidity.   I have a great place to be to stay cool.  I just don’t see a reason to turn the switch.  I’m home and awake only  5 hours a day.

It’s been interesting to just resist the urge, to defy what is so common.  I’m sure that I’ll give in soon.  I need to call Wichita Heating cooling to check out why my breaker keeps flipping.  The forecast has a high of 80 most days this week.  Until then the ceiling fans are whirling.