Eating Clean, Day 1 – Sweet Potatoes

Today I am eating clean.  With the guidance and support of my friend Kristen Livingston and Wendy Dale I am detoxing.  I don’t really drink, I don’t smoke but I do eat crappy.  My liver is toxic.  I would venture to guess that probably lots of us have toxic livers.  Our bodies are amazing and they carry on despite all we do to them.  I’m going to see if I’m good to my body if it will be better to me.

Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.  — Modified from: Edward Stanley (1826-1893)

For 10 days I will eat fruits and vegetables. For the next 11 after that I will introduce proteins into my diet.  Any and all fruits and vegetables.  I am also drinking smoothies and protein shakes.  I had a very odd relationship with ice, water and dutch chocolate protein powder.  When I put it in the blender I had low expectations.  When I mixed it up it started to look like a milk shake, thick and mousse like.   It tasted okay, not like a milkshake.  It was the right texture but I was craving the sugar my body was missing.

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been off caffeine; already through those headaches.  In the last 3 weeks I’ve switched to herbal tea.  I’ve had a few glasses of diet soda but there is not a need anymore.  I had my annual physical on Monday and need to call to get the results of my tests.  Anxious to see how my cholesterol since I went off any medication last year when I detoxed.

So this is the second year and I know better what to expect.  I went shopping for fruits and vegetables and this year I know the names of them and have had them before.  Last year I was Googling shallots, leeks, beets and eggplant.  There is a great deal of chopping involved.  Not like buying a frozen dinner and nuking it.

Tonight was sweet potatoes.  I used my cool Simple Slicer that I got from Pampered Chef. The lady who cuts my hair, Amber Goepfert, hooks me up with cooking tools and cuts my hair.  She’s amazing.  I sliced a big fat sweet potato.  I microwaved it for 5 minutes and drained the water.  I tossed them in olive oil, lemon juice and some pepper.  Put them on my Pizza Stone which acted as a Potato Stone and baked them for 35 minutes.

I learned to love sweet potatoes last year.  I would make them for desert.  Once I lost the taste of refined sugar they were like cookies.  That’s the weirdest thing I can think I would say but I know it’s true.  So tonight I had them as a day one treat.

I made it today.  I prepared brown rice tonight.  I have veggies for tomorrow and I have an apple.  I should make it through tomorrow too.   I have to plan a lot more when eating clean.  Lots of chopping.  Without planning it’s too easy to think of just grabbing something easy.  At my work there are all kinds of yummy easy foods.

Wish me luck, tell me I’m not crazy, let me know if you’ve fallen for sweet potatoes before.  Comments are open.


1 thought on “Eating Clean, Day 1 – Sweet Potatoes

  • I love sweet potatoes! Has your hair stylist hooked you up with the Pampered Chef potato chip maker? Cut up a sweet potato, microwave for 7 minutes or so and you have sweet potato chips! Awesome!