Eating Clean Day 10 – More Soup, Less Weight

I’ve handled my eating clean okay sans one night when we had my company holiday party.  Looking back I may have a bit of regret that I didn’t just enjoy the fruit and have them bring me a salad at the party.  But, then I realized that I was going into this to make an adjustment and not really lose who I am.  A holiday party would only come around once a year.  So I had my night of processed food that had meat in it.  And then I went back to my clean eating.

Today I made Butternut and Acorn Squash soup.  I had this soup on New Year’s Eve when I ate at Upstream Brewery.  I can say I’ve never cut into a squash nor I have purchased one.  They are hard gords like a pumpkin.  I cut them into 1″ cubes like the receipt called for.  The butternut is a work out to cut and peel, the acorn is a little easier.  They are both sweet like a pumpkin but not as sweet as a melon.

The soup could easily be made in a crock pot and makes enough for at least 8 good size bowls.  One of the best things about being thrust into a new way of looking at things or a new list of things to eat is that you are forced to adjust.  This need to find vegetables and look at what I’m eating before it goes in my mouth is the discipline I wanted from the process.








I really wanted a Phil’s Special from Pudgy’s Pizza tonight.  That must mean that I haven’t completely cleaned my palate yet; perhaps the relapse at the holiday party did more damage than I realized. I thought about it, but then sliced up an apple and it seems to be holding me over.

I’m 1/2 way through my cleansing process.  I know I’m going to make it and what I really have to think about is what do I want from this process as a result and how will I change my new everyday life?  I have decided that some foods are not for me any more.

In 2010 I gave up Pringles Potato Chips completely.  They were a favorite but once I cracked a can there was no stopping.  I believe for me they contained some addictive drug like meth or cocaine as I would eat them until I ached and would want more.  They are the one food that absolutely makes me believe in food addition as a disease.

This year I believe I’m going to give up soda pop.   In 2011 I cut my consumption by 80% at least.  This is a life choice as I don’t believe soda pop is evil but it may not be for me any longer.

I had the courage to get on the scale tonight. I have lost 10 pounds since I started clean eating.  I should say that with more enthusiasm as this is a GREAT outcome.  The result of lower weight when I did not count a single calorie in 10 days is a wonderful outcome.  I ate whatever I wanted that was a fruit or a veggie.  I sautéed it in olive oil and I have never been hungry.  Wow.  What a great bonus from a life change decision.

Cheers – Michelle

1 thought on “Eating Clean Day 10 – More Soup, Less Weight

  • Michelle – I see the spammers have found you. Sorry!

    It’s pretty hard to eat enough vegetables and fruit to make yourself fat. It’s even pretty hard to include salmon and chicken and make yourself fat, when you’re eating clean. It’s flatly shocking how bad the so-called convenience foods are for us.

    That said, eating clean isn’t the easiest choice, as you’ve found. You’ll find ways to make it easier. You’ll prepare more than one meal at a time, you’ll find markets that can help you, but in general, it just takes time and work. I guess that’s why so few people stick with it.