Eating Clean Day 3 – Adam and Eve Must Have Never Stopped Chewing

I’ve eaten nothing but fruits and veggies for a full three days now.  I’m slowly getting used to this psychologically and physically.  You need to eat a lot of fruits and veggies to stay full.  And the desire my body has for sugar seems to be great.  I’m just glad I had already weaned myself off caffeine.

New Vegetables

I thought about vegans and who else ate like this.  Adam and Eve must have been the first vegetarians.  The entire garden of Eden to explore and eat from.  Today I purchased Leeks, I thought what the heck would have Eve done if she was walking naked through the garden and saw these thick green stalks sticking up from the ground?  Surely she would have dug them up in hunger and thought to eat the root.  Duh.  This was my first purchase of this onion like vegetable which I used in my cauliflower soup today.

I can just picture Adam and Eve exploring all there is to eat.  How would one know to bit into a pear versus peeling a fruit like a banana or orange.  I can only imagine a pomegranate was just a play thing to discover while full.  Harvesting the sweet inside of the fruit is so laborious compared to the satisfaction of eating it that I can’t imagine it would be the first go to food in the garden.

Adam and Eve in Eden

Cauliflower Soup

I made cauliflower soup today.  I rarely make soup but most of my soups have included a meat or where a meat with soup around them.  Think “chicken” and noodle or “ham” and bean soup.  So this venture that required a food processor to puree was a new experience.  I had to Google how to clean a leek and there was a lot of chopping involved.  Chopped leaks, onion, celery, cauliflower, pressed garlic, and parsley.

It all worked.  I have enough soup for about 10 servings.  The aroma in my home was something out of an old movie.  There was no need to add salt or pepper as the soup was flavourful enough.  I wonder if Adam knew how to build a fire and could find a pot for Eve to make soup for them both.  How they made it through without a food processor is a wonder.

Chewing is very much a part of eating and detoxing.  I’ve chewed steak before, I’ve chewed a potato chip but nothing compares to chewing vegetables.  Ironically there is nothing that satisfies my need for the crispness of a potato chip yet.  I can only wish that I would not have experienced the sensation.  Then my grilled asparagus could prehaps meet the need.  I can see the need to find that crunch; I somehow see what really may have tempted Eve to eat that apple.

What’s Next

As I sip my hot green tea I’m thinking about the menu for tomorrow.   There is a great deal of chopping.  I’m making Ratatouille for late lunch tomorrow.  I’m going to need to watch the Disney movie to get inspired.  The prep time on the recipe is over an hour.  I’m excited that I would have never attempted this without the motivation to eat clean.

More to come on Ratatouille.

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    I watched this documentary last year called something like “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. I did a couple day cleansing to try it. Their theme is juice. In that adventure I discovered “Cale” which I had never had before. I found that I really like veggies but keep getting in the prep time to make them. Good stuff though.