March 13, 2013

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things.  They are like ‘likes’ but in a non Facebook way.  My favorites are websites, ideas, people and videos.  Photos and books can be found on other pages.

My favorite person to explain complex things in an interesting way is C.G.P. Grey.  It’s a guy who lives in the United Kingdom but the rest is a mystery.  It’s more about how he explains things in his YouTube videos.  Check out his site.  His latest which caught my eye was How to Become Pope.

Michael Hyatt AboutThe favorite person who writes a blog that inspires me is Michael Hyatt.  While there are blogs where the topic may be more interesting or entertaining I enjoy Michael because of the purpose and transparency of his site.  He shares all his tips and tricks in an honest and open way that inspired me to want to start my blog.

The Dash BookMy favorite place to find inspiration is Simple Truths website.  I joined their monthly book club the month I started my job with Inflection.  I receive a beautifully illustrated 6″ x 6″ book each month that never fails to provide insight in a way I didn’t even know I needed it.  Mac Anderson founded this company after leaving his previous creation Successories.  My favorite book is The Dash – Making a Difference with Your Life by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson.

Pudgy Store FrontMy favorite deep dish Chicago style pizza in Omaha is found at Pudgy’s Pizzeria.  Phil owns the place and that is Phil with one ‘L’ just so we’re clear.  Phil is there ringing up your pizza and running his kitchen.  The place is located in a strip mall on 168th & Harrison.  It’s not a chain, it’s not about atmosphere it’s about pizza.  Phil told me that students from UNO came and said he was doing it all wrong.  I”m glad he’s there doing it his way every time I need a deep dish fix.

My favorite place to get a massage is at my local Massage Envy location in Shoppes of Legacy.

My favorite way to get out of my comfort zone is to go biking.

My favorite things to do that provide instant gratification and accomplishment are mowing, painting and vacuuming.

My favorite place to get my nailes done is Glamous Nails with Stephanie.


More to come…