From Godmother to Fairy God Mother

I have a Godmother and a Godfather that my parents chose for me.  They were there at my baptism. It was for religious reasons I thought I had Godparents.  My Godparents were my mother’s older sister and her husband.  I never named Godparents for my children and I now realize that I may have missed something, an opportunity for them

How did my mom go about at such a young age with the challenges of pregnancy and child birth selecting her alternate parents for her first born?  And with three boys already (one who was born just a month earlier) how did my Godparents take on the decision to be responsible for another child?  What a huge honor and at the same time a burden.  I’m lucky that my mother made such a wonderful choice and that my Aunt and Uncle took their calling to heart.

Mary Jane and Norm - godparents

My Godparents at my baptism. Circa 1967

My Godparents were there for my Baptism and first Communion.  My Godmother made me feel special in the fact she gave me my only nickname; Mickey Lou.  I like that it didn’t catch on in wider circles but still feel special when she calls me it even today.  My Godparents didn’t act as my parents or intervene.  They were always there for support and as role models.

Recently Mary Jane and Norman Tweedy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  They were the first in the family to achieve such a milestone.  I attended a party they threw and what I realized in the company of my 98 year old grandmother, my aunts and my boyfriend was that my Aunt and Uncle had a much more profound impact on me than I realized.

My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. Since then my Godparents became a reference for what a married life was like.  My father was on the local police force and retired from the same job after 25 years. In contrast, my Uncle Norman had to move his family to several different cities accommodate his job. I learned about how a family must move and stick together. My Godparents were older than my parents and had children older than I was.  As the oldest in my family watching their family experience things was a learning experience for me.

My Godparents anniversary party’s guest list involved family.  Their five children were all there with their spouses.  The extended families were in attendance.  So impressive to me was the friends that came to celebrate.  Friends from high school and friends they have made in their life came to share their day.  I watched and realized how important support was in making a relationship endure.  With all these resources to draw from their experiences and perspective provide support to the overall relationship.

Michelle and Mary Jane

Me and my Fairy God Mother – Mary Jane

My Aunt Mary Jane was like an alter ego of my mother.  She was this role model that I matched my own personality.  I learned that mom’s can be all types of people.  My Godmother has evolved into being my Fairy Godmother.  I don’t believe my mother every expected that she would provide me with someone who could be there for me in her absence.  I am fortunate that I have this special relationship that has morphed from a religious responsibility to more of a full time segregate.  It’s magical – bibbity, bobbity, boo and I know that there is someone there if I need them.

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Uncle Norm and Aunt Mary Jane.  Thank you for showing me what it takes to get there and what it means for the few that make it there.

With Love – Mickey Lou