Ghostbusters is a Timeless Comedy

I watched Ghostbusters last night and I may have laughed more watching it this time then when I first saw it n 1984.  I was able to say those classic lines with my favorite characters and while watching a movie that is nearly 30 years old I realized it was quite timeless.

Things like clothing, make up and the current pop culture of the times are evident in any dated movie.  But the story could take place today just like it did in 1984.  The Ghostbusters would still have a commercial like they did in the movie.  They would also have a Facebook page, Twitter handle and a blog.  Their assignments from actress Annie Potts would come on their smart phone and she wouldn’t be using the multi line touch tone phone that was on her desk.  Aside from these adjustments to make the movie fit the time the script would not change.

I read all the Ghostbusters trivia on IMDB and it’s an amazing movie in its own right.  For 6 years this movie reigned as the all time top grossing comedy until Home Alone came along and topped it.  The movie was so rushed to get out by its deadline that there were obvious incomplete special effects in the film such as wires showing and “remarkably people didn’t care.”

Dr Venkman gets slimed

The 1980s were an amazing time for movies.  A movie could be made with little money on special effects and the story could just take over.  We experienced the birth of a huge array of actors that for decades continued to entertain us.  The sequel was born.  Slapstick feel good was the flavor of Generation X; we were the generation that gave birth to the technology that fascinates Gen Y and may be too immature for the Millennials.  Movie profitability was changed with the proliferation of the VHS sales and rentals.  We had so many more opportunities I feel.  The 80s movies also had great soundtracks that were aided in popularity by music videos which still played on MTV.

I have to mention that “this chic is toast” is one of my all time favorite lines that I still use from the movie Ghostbusters.  The movie’s line “Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” was voted as the #68 of “The 100 Greatest Movie Lines” by Premiere in 2007.  And the movie’s line “Well, there’s something you don’t see every day.” was voted as the #19 of “The 100 Greatest Movie Lines” by Premiere in 2007.

So many actors could have had their hand in this movie.  John Candy and Eddie Murphy both could have been major players.  Eddie had a conflict with the timing as he was making Beverly Hills Cop (I’m personally glad that movie was made).  John Candy had creative differences that kept him out of the movie.  A bit of interesting trivia was that Ghostbusters was the first time Larry King appeared in a movie.

Without going into detail I have to add that I feel these movies could be considered as timeless in their appeal.

Adventures in Babysitting
The ‘Burbs
Love Actually
War of the Roses
Other People’s Money (similar to Wall Street but more timeless)

I’m sure you have your favorites and I plan to watch these and I’ll let you know of the timeless comparisons.  Long live the 80s, Netflix and Cable showings.