I Met Annie Lalla This Week!

I work at an amazing company and truly cherish the work I do there.  I’m excited about the future and I enjoy going to work.  It sounds kookie but it’s true.  I’ve worked enough places and for long enough to recognize a good thing when I’ve got it.  My most recent visit to California at our main office for our quarterly meeting.  I get to spend time with some brilliant people and soak in the culture.  I will tell you if you don’t already know but living in Nebraska is very different than living in California.

I’ve mentioned our Happiness Engineer Regina before but again I must point out that I work at a company that has a Happiness Engineer.  In her mission to make us,.um, happy, she ensures that the office is stimulated with lunch time speakers who are inspiring.  As a bonus for my travel to Redwood Shores I was able to attend the Monday lunch with Eben Pagan who is an adviser for Inflection (where I work) and a close friend of our CEO Matthew Monahan.  Eben came to speak about entrepreneurs and specifically being creative.  Eben was great but from my vantage point in watching his presentation I could better see his wife who was actively watching.  He later in his talk introduced his Annie, his wife.

As I watched Annie and listened to Eben I couldn’t help but noticed she never stopped smiling.  She is a beautiful woman who was stylish, confident and attractive.  Eben had found a stunning woman who seemed to match or complete him.  He was up there like a rock star and she was for sure his biggest groupie.  She would nod and follow what he was saying and was so engaged it made me look at him and wonder what am I missing; he’s good but groupie good?  Her outward energy which she presented to him as support was visually apparent; I could literally see rays of support from her to him.

I always try to meet people when I travel so as everyone headed to Eben after the talk I headed over to talk with Annie and learn more about the connection I was witnessing.  I introduced myself and shared how I observed her watching and supporting Eben as he spoke.  She agreed that we all need to be the groupie to the one we love.  She shared her card with me and I see that she is a relationship coach.  Of course I recognize the one person in the crowd who is living and loving her work.  She was just cool to meet.

So I check out her website and she is almost bigger than life given her petite build.  Annie Lalla is one confident woman who appears to be an expert at what she does.  I enjoyed reading her blogs and watching her videos.  I signed up to be on her mailing list and she continues to amaze me.  I came home and saw Annie again on a show on Bravo where she coached a woman on her dating.

Travel has introduced me to many people and the latest is Annie Lalla.  I should say that meeting Eben was eventful as well.  Sometimes it’s not the headlining act that makes the largest impact.  I recommend checking out her website; if you don’t learn about how to develop your relationship you are sure to learn something about how to market yourself.

Live and love