Major Life Changes: A New Job

Today I chose 5 people.   I hopefully made 5 people’s wishes come true, I made them feel selected and validated, I put my trust in them.  I believe these folks presented themselves honestly, that their intent was true and that they will excel in the job I provide.  They put their trust in our company and in me.  I need to deliver on my commitment to them, give as much as I will demand or take from them in service and remember the human being I connected with and hired.

I work in Customer Service.  Hiring is an ongoing event for me in my company.  I’d like to think the people I hire are professionals in Customer Service, those who choose to work in this field and excel at their trade.  I hired 5 people today and changed their lives.  Hiring as well as terminating are the biggest decisions I make in my job.  Both have a lasting impact on the entire organization.

Hiring the wrong person is like introducing a virus into my current team.  I am really the only one who can correct my mistake.  I owe as much or more to my current team when I bring in a new employee.  They are depending on me, their futures with these folks helplessly in my control.

I remember the feeling of being selected out of a pool of candidates.  I remember wanting my new job and feeling like it was mine before my employer may have realized.  I love the day of decision and when I get to make the job offers.   In my office it is the legacy I will leave as well as the people I will work with next week.

Here’s to being selected.  Cheers