Myth Buster: No One is Vacationing in this Economy

I took with about 2,500 other vacationers on a Disney cruise. People are out there vacationing in mass. It was not a spontaneous activity, planning and saving took place.  It was a dream that became a reality through dedication and sacrifice. I didn’t think I would be alone on the boat nor did I expect everyone on the cruise to be ‘rich’.  I hoped my fellow passengers were in a situation like mine. That they too saved up, planned and valued the time for themselves above other things in their life.

Let me share that the economy is not holding back everyone.  While I feel for those without a job the news reports need some of the balance that I experienced last week.  I took a car to get on a plane.  From the plane I took a bus to get on a ship.  All along the way there were people traveling for pleasure.  I met a couple on a five week vacation around the world; they were headed to Fiji.  There was a man from Iowa that was on a five week vacation in Mexico and he comes down every year.  He didn’t mention that 2008 or the economy changed that.   The lady behind me on the bus trip back to the airport was telling of her recent trip to Hawaii and how she was planning already another trip that would be with one special grandchild.

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today’s world it has become a necessity.  ~Author Unknown

The need to unwind is not tied to the economy.  Perhaps in a stressful time such as the current economy could be considered it is even more important to relax and spend time recharging.  Getting away from routine and doing something special should be considered a vacation.  Most of vacationing is mental in my observation.  If you get away on a ship but spend the entire time worrying about work or anything other than how much sunscreen to apply one really isn’t on vacation.  Compartmentalizing is powerful.

Many of the people who shared my boat were repeat vacationers.  I started to realize that prioritizing dedicating money to a vacation was a life enhancement that probably carried them through challenging times and gave them fortitude to plan and make smart choices and anticipate their upcoming relief.  I am certain that the last two weeks of work at my office and the remodeling that is going on at my house was handled better because of the knowledge of my upcoming alternate destination of relaxation and pleasure.

I’m starting to realize that a sabbatical from work after a certain period could be as refreshing for work life as vacations recharge our personal being.  The company I’m with has its first employee approaching their 5 year mark.  I’m batting for the added benefit of a paid sabbatical.  PayPal is a local company who offers that benefit.  I have 19 months before my 5 year anniversary.  I’m betting and hoping that our first 5 year employee gets the sabbatical added.  19 months is plenty of time to anticipate.  I should be able to get one nice personal vacation in before I look to recharging from my work life.

Plan a vacation.  Even if it’s a long bath with the door locked.  You deserve it.

Best – Michelle