New Game – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water Balloon and Fire

New Game – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water Balloon

While my daughter Julie and I were out at Olive Garden the other night we invented a new game.  Amazingly this game requires no device beyond your hands, no batteries or display screen.  You’ve heard of Rock, Paper, and Scissors the game you play with your hands.  Well, we’ve enhanced it by adding more options.

We were inspired by the television show Friends where they used the game to see who had to go into the apartment first.  This is a great clip and provides the visual for how to incorporate the new options of Water Balloon and Fire into the game.

Friends Episode with Rock, Paper and Scissors (video)

It is so awesome that we had a lot of time waiting for our check to come that Julie and I were able to finish all the games on the children’s menu and come up with this new game.

For reference and hours of your own fun while in the car or waiting in line anywhere, here are the rules for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water Balloon and Fire.



Fire (fingers facing up and wiggling like flames) Paper (Burns)

Scissors (Melts)

Water Balloon (fingers facing down and wiggling like dripping) Rock (Erodes)

Fire (Extinguishes)

Rock (fist) Scissors (Crushes)

Fire (Beats Out)

Paper (flat hand) Rock (Covers)

Water Balloon (Soaks Up)

Scissors (index and middle finger making scissors motion) Paper (Cuts)

Water Balloon (Poke a hole)

It was a nice moment with my daughter without a device to depend on for our entertainment.  How many hours did I sit with my sisters in my mom’s VW Bug on her Honda Wagon and play similar games?  We learned to interact with each other and entertain.  Today our Generation Y-ers interact with a device while sitting alone.  Technology removed the need to get your poker face on and meet an actual opponent eye to eye.

There is irony today as I was spreading our new game around my office. One of my co-workers said this could be made into an app for your phone where opponent’s turn and play was randomized.  How quickly the life and personality dissolved from my new discovery.

I present to you this new ‘app’ that you can download with your mind and play with your hands. You be the actual display screen (very 3D).  Enjoy.  Go to the closet and see if there is an actual board game from your youth you can play this holiday season.



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