Oh The Places You’ll Go

Once a quarter or so I get to visit my company’s main office in northern California.  It’s familiar but new each time I visit.  The process of travel is exciting to me as I enjoy the journey of it all.  It is a privilege to fly by plane. I think being away from my own bed just gives me perspective on what is possible and how what I have is really quite nice.  I like the feeling of being just as excited to go home as it was to depart from home.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.  ~Lin

Travel for my generation is done by plane.  Initially it was formal and exciting as people dressed up as if they were going to church to board a plane.  Generation X made the most of their time traveling for business and creating deals.  The in-person experience was still a requirement as the virtual world was still in development.  Tonight at work I had a young colleague tell me that he was going to be able to come out to my office to visit.  He was excited and this was the first company that he was with that he would travel for business.  I met him through our company IM and viewing his profile on our Intranet before I met him in person today.  He is a member of Generation Y and grew up in the virtual world.

I feel like who I am seated next to on a plane is my serendipity.  I’ve learned not to judge a person by their seating assignment, attire or reading selection.  I feel that one should acknowledge the person next to them.  If the plane goes down I would want to think the person next to me would have some idea who I am and feel compelled to remind someone to save me if I were unconscious.   When traveling I’ve met television producers, a man who owned his own trucking firm, a local neighbor, business owners, and generally really nice people when traveling.  Anyone who has ever said “hi” has been okay in my book.  The only less than happy traveling experiences have been from those who do not feel the need to acknowledge there is another human less than one inch away.

Cool things to know (Michelle-isms) if you travel with happy thoughts and the ability to say “hi”.  This is how my travels have landed (excuse the pun) over the years.

  • I have never lost my luggage (knocking on wood)
  • Babies who sit by me play peek a boo and have not really cried
  • Men that I have sat next to have let me sleep on their shoulder (not always by choice) and never told me I snore
  • I was delayed once for 90 minutes out of Orange County and didn’t realize because of the great conversation I was having with the person one inch away from me
  • Tomato juice is my favorite thing to have to drink
  • My plane has been struck by lightning when flying and I thought it was cool.
  • I like reading the safety cards and I am fascinated by the attention to detail in their design.

If you get the chance to travel I would recommend it.  I suggest a round trip ticket as coming home is 1/2 the fun.


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