Are you looking for reasons to begin your dream?

Ever since I saw the movie Julie & Julia and the character Julie created a blog in night and just started writing, holding herself accountable to her dream to cook and blog I wanted to have a blog.  Funny thing is that blogs are free but it’s taken me over 2 years to have the courage to begin.

At this point in my life I’m more and more committed to doing what I want to do without too much hesitation.  I feel that I think things through so I’m not rushing into crazy commitments.  Most things that I want to do allow an out so that I am able to change my mind.  I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet or even thought of anything that permanent.

Are you looking for reasons to begin your dream?  Here are a few thoughts that got me moving.

1.  Time doesn’t heal all wounds.  In this case not doing something you want to do can cause a blister or a sore to fester and just bug the heck out of you.  How easy it is for a simple wish can turn into a regret with no action.

2.  Not many things go down in price.  Unless you are purchasing cutting edge technology most things appreciate in value and waiting is just going to cost you more.  It’s hard to be the one to buy the first VCR for $900 but hey those who took the plunge were watching Star Trek episodes over and over way before they made it to cable.

3.  You will more likely be cool than a fool.  If you really have a dream and have some passion around it then it’s more likely than not you will be relatively successful.  Not doing it will just leave you in the land of the status quo.

4.  The Tom Sawyer effect will kick in.  Once you go public and are doing this thing you have a passion for people will support you.  It is incredible how excited we get for other people to do something.  We are better supporters than do-ers so let those friends of yours help you with your dreams.

5.  There is no time like the present.  Since tomorrow is not a guarantee for anyone there is actual risk in not doing what you want to do.  Don’t let your dream die, act on it and create a legacy.

So this is it for me, I have a blog.  I’m out there and even though I haven’t figured out how to change the heading on my blog it’s not going to stop me.  I could hardly sleep last night thinking about what I wanted to do to the site and the menus and the pictures.  Tonight I realized the most important thing was to post something and to start.

I welcome you to share my dream and ‘like’ me and share me with your friends.  I’m going to do my best not to let you down.  Let me know your dream so I can support you.

Best – Michelle

6 thoughts on “Are you looking for reasons to begin your dream?

  • Nice to see you have moved out of your comfort zone. I’m anxious to see/read more of your work/thoughts/inspirations and possibly apply them to my everyday growth!

  • As Steph and I frequently say, “life’s short, so eat dessert first”. That’s our excuse for sometimes have a really, really decadent brownie topped with French vanilla . . . and then we say it again as we prepare to eat the second one . . . instead of dinner. Do what makes YOU happy!

  • Great job starting your blog Michelle. You are right, the most important thing is to begin. I loved Julie & Julia! Both actresses did a lovely job, but I was especially impressed with Meryl. Wonderful movie! Keep writing, make it a habit. It’ll do you much good. 🙂