For great customer service, say what you want

I work in the Customer Service field.  I’ve taken calls, routed calls, created phone hell mazes for callers, out dialed with robotic calls, used predictive dialers to make human outbound calls, and just dialed out, processed emails, managed chat sessions and answered snail mail.  I work with people on behalf of clients or the company I’m with.

We as consumers don’t want to feel silly.  We want to make smart decisions, get a bargain and feel good about our purchases.  Can you imagine buying the iPad the day before the iPad2 was announced?  We don’t want to feel tricked or take the time to read the fine print.  We love to get a deal so low prices and volumes of goods attract us.

I’ve heard it all.  I would to say that most people who make a mistake or misunderstood don’t take ownership for that fact.  Oh the lines and stories I’ve heard.  It’s the dog ate my homework in a more grown up version.  Here are some examples of reason’s people have given for why it’s not their fault….

Not Great Excuses

  • My computer went haywire
  • My child was using my credit card to test a school project
  • I just wanted to see if the order would go through
  • I didn’t think you’d really charge me
  • Not satisfied with the product so I don’t want to have to pay
  • I was drunk when I went online and bought it
  • My bills are coming up so I need my money back
  • Other companies have given me my money back, why won’t you
  • I didn’t have time to read the fine print
  • The fine print was too small to read
  • You make it too easy to buy, I was just looking

I relish when a contact just says “I forgot” or “I misunderstood”.  I like when a person tells me matter of factly what they want without whining or blaming.  Those are the folks I respond best to when I’m having a bad day.  Be straight with me and I’ll take care of you.  A little humility goes a long way.

My goal is to get a customer’s issue resolved.  I enjoy doing that whenever I can without having to be a punching bag if possible.  It isn’t my intention to run a confessional and hear too much information so just tell me what happened and what you want to make it better.  That’s my wish.

Next time you goof, try a little humility and straightforward request.  Be human to be treated like one.  Let’s see if it can work.

Tell me about your most memorable Customer Service experience.  I’m curious to see if they are stories of awesomeness or sadness that involved some sort of tall tale.  Leave a comment.

1 thought on “For great customer service, say what you want

  • I consider what I do to be customer service too, although it’s all internal customers – I manage infrastructure implementations for enterprise level projects. So, I deal with project managers all day who are trying to make their dates, trying to hit their budgets, trying to get things done.

    I’m with you – I much prefer it when people say this is the situation, this is what I need, this is where it went wrong. Instead I often get a variety of the dog ate my homework, fake priorities, everyone else did it wrong. Excuses. Yes, I understand it’s important to YOU, but trust me, just because you’ve messed up and are missing your date doesn’t necessarily mean that you take priority over everything and everyone else.

    People try everything from begging to bullying to lying. Just say what you want and don’t make stuff up – and don’t start beating me with a stick before you’ve even asked the question. I’m here to help you. I WANT to help you. That’s what they pay me for, and I’ll help you if I can. There’s just no need to be a jerk about it.