Summer Feet: Pedal the Coast Day 1

I’m riding a dream that I’ve had for a few years, pedaling the coast of Maine on my bike.  We selected Summer Feet bike tours and opted for the Pedal the Coast tour with Inn service.  Day one was an introduction to the terrain of the Maine coastline ending at Bradley Inn in Pemaquid Point, Maine.

Summer Feet Cycling

The tour is small and intimate with only 10 riders and two guides.  Alyssa and Phil are our guides and they’ve been great.  Service includes snacks, cool water and drinks for our bottles, van support.  They even had our luggage waiting for us in our room and took our bikes from us at the front door of the Inn when we arrived.  One guide rides with the group and the van drives back and forth from the front runners to the caboose riders.  Today we had the honor of being the caboose riders.

The highlight of the day for me came 2/3’s into the ride when we road on Fogler Road for 7 miles.  The road was in pristine condition; a nice new asphalt road.  There were hardly any cars or any sort of traffic.  This is probably due to the fact that the sides of the road were lined with forest and the occasional home.  To our left through the trees we could see the coast at times but mostly we knew it was there and that there were homes at the end of the private drives that we passed.

The Pigs of Fogler Road in Maine

The Pigs of Fogler Road in Maine

I came across a drove of young pigs that were black or brown in color.  They were surrounded by an electric enclosure but had a wild habitat to roam around in.  I scared them at first when i stopped and then I was able to call them back for a photo.  I named them all Daryl.  They looked like they were all just other brothers.  All along the road if there were people sitting out we would wave making it seem like we were in some sort of parade.

Toward the end of the road I saw a Mainer and pulled over because I was really curious what people did each day who lived in this remote area.  I met Frank who is a true Mainer.  This would be a person born in Maine and lives in Maine.  Frank’s place was 100 acres and has been in his family.  Frank fishes from June to April and cuts some wood from his land to sell in between the times.  He shared that most others along the way had come in the last 20 years and they had money from out of state and bought their places and just vacationed in them or lived without much need to work.  Frank seemed distraught by the invasion.  He wished us well and told us to enjoy Maine.

By the end of the day we were getting used to the ups and downs of the terrain.  There was no shortage of hills.  The most challenging part about riding was not knowing what was around each corner.  The inability to predict and prepare is what wore me down the most.  I should have prepared better and just watched this video from Billy a racing specialist and learned how to handle the short climbs.  2:43 From Billie on Short Hill Climbs (at least he’s out of breath)

Tomorrow we will do it again, I mean more of it.  This is of course after a nice breakfast at the inn.

Keep Strong and Pedal On!