Summer Feet: Pedal the Coast Day 2

My butt was ready for the seat today, my mind felt obligated to follow.  Today’s route was a 63 mile course with a few jaunts out to destinations that could be optional.  I knew we were backing out from the inn 10 miles that we road to get in, mentally ready.  Today it was 80 outside and very sunny, as a biker you don’t want to complain about that.  It was also windy and there was little tree cover today as compared with yesterday.

We went to the first destination which was a recreation of an old fort from the 1700s and was pretty cool.  But we road about a quarter mile on unpaved road and had to climb back out from sea level to get back to our route.  Hindsight, given the rest of the day I could have skipped it.

Phil at the Colonial Fort site

Phil at the Colonial Fort site

In fact given the route we did skip several other jaunts.  The elevation was more rolling but the roads we biked on we had to share with cars who were not good sports.  It was Monday and we were competing with more purposeful drivers than on a Sunday who didn’t always remember to give us our three feet.

We ended up with virtually the same stats; 55.6 miles, 2,450 feet of climb.  The issue of the day was water, riding shoulders and road kill, lack of cover and some really steep climbs.  If you are not reading my vibe or between the lines let me say day two was not as eventful as day one.

Here is a visual comparison of the elevation between the days.

Day One ElevationPedal the Coast Day 2 ElevationWe rode and rode what seemed like miles to just get to the end after lunch.  Lunch was located half way up a hill.  I digested and walked a block to the top of the hill after lunch.  I would have tapped my helmet for a ride in around 40 miles but we missed the van and rode a lot of alone time. We didn’t opt for the jaunt to the artist house and the van was parked there for a few hours.  I will not make that error again.  I did always have support behind me from Phil.

Rear View Mirror Support Our room at Craignair Inn and Resort was room number 14.  We had a private bath and a television this time.  Wifi was available on the first floor but didn’t make it up to our room on the third floor.  The inn is right on the water though and that was a huge plus.  Amenities were a little sparse in the room but never fear I packed prepared.  Lamps were important as there was no overhead lights.

Cragnaire Room 14

Day two was hard but it didn’t leave me in a place where things wouldn’t continue.  A good night’s rest and breakfast can change a great deal of things.

Live Strong and Ride On