The Power of Massage Therapy

Okay, you’ve either had or not had a massage.  I’m talking about a therapeutic massage from a trained professional.  A massage is not a back rub.  A massage is a treatment for your muscles.  I believe if done correctly that it could be as treatment for the soul.   For those who have not let me tease you into a curious frenzy over the next 500 words or so.

I’ve found that my experience with massage has evolved over the years.  I get a massage every other week and have done so for the last 8 years.  It is a very selfish indulgence that I have allowed myself.  I went first for stress relief from a job that I didn’t enjoy.  I went to the massage school over a long lunch and the day was always good; before the massage it was anticipating the event and coming back after the day just seemed to flow better.  The school was less expensive and the therapist were predictable and earnest in their work. It was a great place to get my regular start.

Over time I experienced spas, resorts and venues that were more sophisticated than the massage school.  In the last 6 years I’ve been frequenting the local Massage Envy.  I like the combination of a nice solid massage establishment.  The therapist are diverse and plentiful and the hours were very accommodating.   The rates were more affordable than a spa and only slightly higher than the school.  I had found a place were I could get a weekly fix, eh hem weekly indulgence.

In the last 18 months I’ve had only one therapist.  Having that connection of me knowing what to expect and he knowing what I needs takes all the guess work out of hings.  Brent is very confident in his work.  He doesn’t dance around the edges but takes each muscle group and works it.  He says he realizes that “folks want their stuff rubbed” when they come to get a massage.  We don’t talk very often but over 18 months you can get to know a person.

At my office we have a therapist come once a month a couple days for our Customer Service agents to provide chair massages during their breaks.  It’s thrilling to know that we were able to introduce this new experience to so many.  Our therapist Jamie Krenkel owns RenewTheBodyMassage and does wonders for our office.  She too takes hours at the local Massage Envy.

I know that I would seriously consider a second career as a massage therapist.  I especially would like to focus on our aging population.  It’s a combination of technique, training, and a true skill in working with people.   I believe it would be fascinating.  If you want to consider taking up massage you never know who many be your therapist in the future.

Rub on!