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As trusted employee, you can make all the difference. A trusted employee can make a miserable job a delight. A trusted employee is not necessarily a manager, the most educated or even the most skilled. But you know your boss trusts you. He or she takes the time to explain things and makes you feel included. I bet if your boss forgot to set the alarm at his house when he left for vacation he could even call on you.

Being a trusted employee comes down to the relationship and trust you have with your boss and the company.

This site is dedicated to helping small business owners and their trusted employees work together. Being a small business owner is tough and the right team makes all the difference. Working for a small business owner can be tough too. Small businesses are growing and with that comes the growing pains of balancing so many things.

Coaching is about defining what is most important to you about your work, your career and your overall life. When you know that with clarity you can mesh those values with your company. But your company is going to have it's values, priorities, needs and goals. You may not be clear on all of those things. Your boss may or may not have time or even think to fill you in on those details depending on your role. This is where coaching comes in.

Coaching IS:

  • A high impact process (we get a lot done in a short time)
  • Creating high performing behaviors
  • Improving results that last over time
  • Efficient (we focus on what you do best)
  • Creating accountability (you sticking to what you say you want)
  • Not forever (we coach to get you over the hump you couldn't, were not therapists)


Coaching IS NOT:

  • Consulting (I'm not a crystal ball)
  • A fix to people problems
  • A training program
  • One size fits all
  • All Talk (we talk but the action is up to you)


Let me help.

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