What is your blog about?

What is your blog about?  That is such a simple question and yet when I was asked I didn’t have that 60 second elevator speech down pat.  I know what I’ve been noodling and thinking.  I find often I’m poor at expressing my thoughts orderly so that they are coherent for others.  I know I over think things to the point that I’m not certain what I’ve said out loud and what I have just thought.

My blog is titled “Generation X Marks the Spot”.  I enjoyed Eric Chester speaking about how each generation relates to each other.  More about his writing and speaking can be found at GenerationWhy.com.  I work in Customer Service and providing service and understanding a customer is enhanced when you can relate to their perspective.  My blog will emphasize the differences in the generations and how my perspective begin from Generation X relates to the topics I choose to write about.

I lived over 20 years in a home with my former spouse who is a Baby Boomer, I was part of Generation X, my oldest daughter was part of Generation Y and my youngest could be considered on the edge of Generation Z or the Millenniums depending on how you name her group.  It became very apparent over the years how we all saw things differently and the influences that created our perspectives were connected to our ages.  While that diversity created an interesting dynamic I also feel it was a challenge and it was never just easy to relate to another person in the house.

If you don’t share my same awareness of the generation names or the birth dates of those who share a generation here is a quick breakdown.  The dates will sometimes vary but a new generation is typically defined by an event that changes the outlook of children around the age of 7 or 8 and their values.

2000/2001 -Present – New Silent Generation or Generation Z
1980-2000 – Millennials or Generation Y
1965-1979 – Generation X
1946-1964 – Baby Boom
1925-1945 – Silent Generation
1900-1924 – G.I. Generation

My blog needs a new header, an About Page and more information about the different Generations.  All on this is on my list to share and expand on.  I wanted to force myself though to answer that question posed to my from my Aunt Terri “What is your blog about”?  This post will hopefully explain a little and I’m going to keep on working on the concise elevator speech to get it just right.

Thinking out loud I need more photos, more defined Michelle-isms, pictures and cartoons that help explain my thoughts, topics that ooze wisdom or when that is absent perhaps humor.  I believe I’ll adopt these 5 goals when blogging.

1.  Have a good Topic and stick to it.

2.  Put a photo or picture in your blog.

3.  Have at least one link to something so that the reader can at least relate to something else if not me.

4.  Take a little risk and get personal.

5.  Don’t avoid humor, someone will get it.

I will do these things and continue to learn about blogging software so that things look better and better.

Cheers – Michelle