Why Your Company’s Hiring Experience Needs to Be Magical

Making your hiring experience magical is one sure fire way to get your company to the next level. If you think your processes are good and want to be great, start with upping your hiring game. The one department that sets the tone for culture is your hiring and HR team. Magical hiring is not rocket science and Disney does not have an exclusive.

It Begins with You

You don’t need a consultant to make a change like this. Stop looking for the magic, you are it. Have the courage to be a part of the process and set the tone. When I started a operations center in Omaha I had to do all the hiring. Truth is, I loved doing it. It was magic to make those connections and find the magic in the few that would join the team. I was committed to making sure people heard back either way (that’s what I would want). The best thing in the world is to make the call to offer someone a job; it was mutually magic.

“Stop looking for the magic, you are it”.

To get your business where it hasn’t been before you have to do things you haven’t done before. Start with hiring and you’ll experience a trickle down effect.

5 Ways to Make the Magic

1.There is no place like [insert your company’s name]. Write a job description that sounds compelling and valued. You know how important this role is for your company, let the applicant feel that. The two main factors are making it compelling and being truthful. Use your own words to describe: the general duties, the behaviors required to fill the shoes and the expected skills necessary. Keep it simple.

2. Silence is NOT Golden. Communication is magic. Treat your applicants like they are nuggets of potential gold. Acknowledge their application sincerely, even if by automated email. Let them know where they stand in the process. Most importantly, while saying no might be hard, give each applicant closure.

3.You are the Wizard when it comes to interviews. Each applicant has walked your defined road or process to get the interview. They’ve sought out a coveted interview with you. You’ve told them through the job description this role is important, now let them feel important. Create a Magical interview by really opening the door.


Provide a short tour. Your office needs to be exciting and inviting. Your tour guide should be sharing insight and gathering insight about the response of your candidate. The candidate should be providing their feedback and observation in the interview, let’s hope they noticed something.

Use the interview as an opportunity for your candidate to meet a few people. Let your candidate get a sense of their team and let the team get involved. Have your team ask a consistent question, like the candidate’s impression of the tour or the company. Let the candidate ask a question or two of their team members. This stand out action allows your team to engage and your candidate to make the interview two-way.

Have your candidate leave with something. This something could be as simple as your business card, a company brochure, or maybe a short note with the timeline for making a decision on the process. The point is they’ve come to the table and met the requirements and answered your questions. Put something out there for them.

“It’s not where you go, it’s who you meet along the way.” – The Wizard, The Wizard of Oz

4. Take a moment to know your candidate; be prepared. The worst candidate experience is when the interviewer hasn’t reviewed the application or resume. Take your time on your prepared questions, but prep ahead to have one or two specific questions about the job history or application.

5. Call your candidate by their name. Be clever if you want, try asking a question or two in the third person, “what would Jane say her greatest contribution has been a past job?” Too often in the interview we refer to the candidate as ‘you’. Make them a person. You will be doing what few others do; calling them by name.


The magic finale comes when you call and offer the position to the best candidate.  Take your time with the call, make it memorable. You can do this by acknowledging your excitement, and theirs. These steps to be magical require to extra costs or steps. Your presence and attention to detail will make all the difference.

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You’re off to a good start. Your next performance is the first day and you need to think about that from the point of offer. Your employee will be thinking about that day right now. Read about how the ways your employee will capitalize on their first day.